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Jumpstart your student's creativity and confidence through these three easy-to-learn magic tricks.

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After watching this FREE Online Workshop you or your student will be able to:

✨ Break a rubber band then restore it

✨ Make a coin or small object disappear

✨ Read your spectators mind (card trick)  

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Imagine if you could

Break a Rubber Band then Restore it Completely

Break a rubber band, then hold the two broken pieces together as they become one. You'll find the rubber band completely intact.

Make a Coin or Small Object Disappear

No, really. Make any small object completely disappear. You'll be able to show both hands empty afterwards leaving spectators amazed.

Read Your Spectators Mind

Imagine this, your volunteer chooses a card without you knowing, they place their card back in the deck, and you guide their hand to the correct card. I'm telling you, it's magic.

Don't worry, anyone ages 10+ can learn AND perform these amazing feats.

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Learn 3 magic tricks guaranteed to amaze family and friends.

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