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Hello, I'm Kevin Warren. 

I was always a creative kid. Most of the other kids my age were more concerned about kick ball and teasing girls, but my imagination was my playground. I wasn't into sports and my family struggled to find a hobby that would stick. I developed social anxiety at a young age, and felt like an outcast. Until I found magic tricks...

I still remember right before I got on this stage...

I had practiced this trick over and over until I couldn't get it wrong. It was a simple trick; tie a knot in the rope and then make the knot fall off. It was family camp, and there were hundreds of people in this auditorium. But I felt like I had something to offer this crowd.

I had learned that I was funny when I could "work" the audience, and I knew the trick was cool. Don't get me wrong, I was terrified. But I did it.

As I asked the audience for the magic word, "abracadabra", I let out a shout,  "I can't hear youuuu!??" A roaring laugh came from the audience. All of a sudden, the knot fell off the rope and the audience gasped.

Honestly, I hadn't gotten a reaction like this before. Now I know that it wasn't necessarily the trick that amazed them, it was the performance. The brave little kid who was anxious, but knew my destiny was freedom. 

Magic Class Academy shows young dreamers how to unleash their creativity and confidence.

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"Magic Class Academy teaches young dreamers how to unleash their creativity and confidence."

Now, my job is to to instill confidence and creativity in the next  generation.

Over 20 years later, I'm married to my best friend and dedicated to building up others. I've been a guest on multiple television appearances, sold out shows and mentored many up and coming magicians. Now, as an adult, I'm seeing the positive impact that learning magic tricks had on me.

I'm not only comfortable speaking in front of others now, but I love doing it. I can collaborate with others because I've learned that collaboration is key to success. I've also learned to strengthen my creative muscles. With a stronger creative mind, my writing skills and critical thinking flourished later in life. Lastly, I've learned that perseverance is one of the greatest traits to achieving my dreams and goals. As you've probably guessed, not all of these lessons came from leaning magic tricks in itself, but rather what I learned in the process. That's why I created Magic Class Academy.

I may not be the best magician in the world, and I don't claim to be. I created Magic Class Academy because magic changed my life and I know there are kids out there like me. 

Magic Class Academy is perfect for ages 10+ of all experience levels, even if their dream isn't to be a magician forever.

Learn 3 magic tricks guaranteed to amaze family and friends.

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